Pest Control

Common Pests in Orlando

Unless sharing your home with uninvited pests is enjoyable, hiring a professional for regular pest control services is a must for Orlando residents. Numerous types of pests can invade your home, creating havoc along the way. But, with pest control in Orlando, those pests are a worry of the past. What are some of the most common pests seen by Orlando residents in their home?


With so much water surrounding the city, mosquitos are a problem in Orlando and throughout the state. Standing water also causes mosquitos. A professional pest control company offers the best mosquito-elimination techniques.

Fleas & Ticks

Although most commonly a problem for pet owners, neighbors can quickly become victims of their neighbor’s animals. Fleas aren’t easy to get rid of, but they’re not match for professional pest control.


Cockroaches invade the home searching for food, quickly multiplying and wreaking havoc around your home. Once they’re inside, they’re inside of the cabinets, crawling inside of every dark space they can find. The bugs are also difficult to rid without the expertise of the professional.


Bedbugs are a problem across the country, including Orlando. It is easier to bring these small critters home than you probably realize, and a major infestation can occur in no time. Bedbugs do not respond to typical pest control products. If you suspect bedbugs in your home, a professional can use detectors to determine their presence, as well as provide professional-strength products that eliminate them from your life.

The pests listed above are only the beginning of the many that live-in Orlando that, at any time, could decide to make your home their own. Prevent it and ensure that regular pest control is something that you make mandatory on your list.