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Common Child Safety Hazards

As a parent, your children’s safety is your number one priority. Yet there are so many things that you wouldn’t even think is possibly dangerous. Here’s a handy list of innocuous things that could pose a threat to your little bundle of joy.

Door hinges can cause major injure to the hands and fingers of adults and children alike. Install a finger guard on all your doors to prevent any accidents form occurring. These guards will make doors much safer and allow your child to move around the house with less risk of injury.

Balloons are extremely dangerous. You might be tempted to blow up dozens of balloons for a child’s birthday, but think again. Children have died because they choked on balloons after chewing or blowing them. This is one of the worse things your child can choke on and it is very hard to save a child once they have begun choking.

You may love your family pet, but they can be detrimental to your little one if they aren’t trained well. Always take your pets to social classes where they learn how to behave with other animals and people. If they are disciplined to be friendly and non-confrontational towards both animals and humans, your child is much safer. All of the blame is usually not on the pet itself though. Children should be taught not to physically harm animals from a young age. Don’t laugh at your baby if it pulls the cat’s tail, discipline it. 99% of the time a pet attacks a child because it is being hurt. It’s dangerous for your child and unfair towards the pet to allow this behavior.

Many pets are put down because they bite children, when the solution was simply to discipline the child better. It’s a shame and a tragedy that should be avoided.