Are Liquid Drain Cleaners the Clogged Drain Solution?

Many homeowners have at least one bottle of liquid drain cleaner in their cleaning closer. Drain cleaner is used when there is a clog in the toilet and sometimes in the sink. The cleaners are sold at many home improvement stores for a few bucks each. The cost of the drain cleaner is sure much less than calling in for plumbing services Baltimore professionals. But, using those drain cleaners may actually be causing more harm to your plumbing system than good.

Pipes clog for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the clog is caused by grease that has become tapped on the pipes inside of the lines. Hair and food particles may also cause the pipes to clog. No matter why your pipes are clogged, getting the issues resolved quickly and as effortlessly as possible is always ideal. That is why so many reach for drain cleaners first. They assume they’ll pour the liquid down the drain and in a few minutes, the clog is dissolved and pipes ready to use again. The truth is, drain cleaners sometimes work and sometimes they do not. But, every time that you use them, the drain cleaners are working to corrode and erode your pipes!

Drain cleaners work by creating chemical reactions inside of the drain pipes. Hydrochloric acid is oftentimes the chosen substance to create this reaction. The reaction creates heat, and this in itself can cause massive damage to the pipes.

The options for removing a drain that is clogged are numerous. You can use a plunger versus a drain cleaner and might find the results better. You can also use a plumbing snake. If all else fails, make that call to the plumber. It is worth making the call now and preventing trouble later.