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7 Fun Mosquito Facts

Mosquitos aren’t the most personable or charming pests and most agree that getting rid of them is important in order to avoid their itchy bites, annoyance and even diseases. But, there are a lot of mosquito facts that you might be interested to know, including the seven listed below.

  1. Mosquito Tablets

There are some pretty awesome mosquito water tablets out there that you can use to deplete mosquitos out of your life. These pills are effective, hassle free, and affordably priced.

  1. The Deadliest

As small as a mosquito is, it might be hard to think that this animal is the deadliest on earth but the truth is, the mosquito is the deadliest pest out there! Mosquitos carry many diseases, including Zika and Malaria.

  1. Only Females Mosquitos Bite

The males are busy feeding on flower nectar as the females feast upon the blood of a human or an animal. They need the blood for their eggs and to reproduce.

  1. The Mosquito Speed

A mosquito can fly at speeds of 1 to 1.5 miles-per-hour. It seems like a fast rate, but, mosquitos aren’t that fast when compared to other insects.

  1. Wing Speed

Speaking of speed, the mosquitos wing beat about 300 times per second, but can beat as fast as 600 times in one second. The buzzing noise is now explained.

  1. Water is Needed

Why do mosquitos like water so much? They need it in order to breed. In fact some species can breed when leftover rainstorm puddles are left.

  1. Carbon Dioxide Detection

A mosquito has the ability to detect carbon dioxide from distances of up to 75-foot away. That is pretty spectacular, wouldn’t you agree?

These are fun facts about mosquitos that you should now go share with your friends.